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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Philip Seymour Hoffman Does Meals for Children

Not much is known about Philip Seymour Hoffman other than having rad influences and not much sense of style for MySpace. Presenting varied forms of music it's clear that an established goal has not been set, but as stated in the bio, "these parts portray no more significance than the moment which they were created, these are pieces unseparated from the feelings which they were born from." My reason for introducing PSH to the FMLY blog is that a cover of Meals for Children's "Geebot" rose in the name. I'd hesitate to call this a cover, but more a reinterpretation/reimagination entitled, "Gee, bot?". With a subtly altered guitar progression, children's xylophone, dense vocals (and whistling?) and a haunting general echo "Geebot" has certainly taken a direction with noticing.

Philip Seymour Hoffman - Gee, bot? (Meals for Children reimagination)

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