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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Videos That Make Sense

M83 is coming back with a free-for-all video contest in which directors and fans are encouraged to submit their own interpretation of the new single, "We Own the Sky". It's great, because the winner of the contest gets their video debuted in Pitchfork Television early in the next year. Some are pretty shitty and some are just alright. The not-so-spectacular ones are getting the most rep.

But this one happens to feature some of FMLY's friends and acquaintances. It tells us that all we need to do, in order to get that cute asian girl, is to pick her up when her kite is down and fallen. Pure genius. Watch in High Quality and watch after a good run and shower. It makes your day better. I was already a listener of M83, but this song just reminds me that I am a bigger fan.

"We Own the Sky", the EP, from the single off of Saturdays = Youth is set to release very soon, but no confirmed date yet. Keep updated!

"We Own the Sky"

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