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Friday, January 16, 2009

Zaque Shack Officially Over...For Now

For those who grew up with the Kutting Room you may remember the awesome sense of humor and uplifting music of a group called the Irregars. Among many other talented musicians Zach Robinson played guitar in the Irregars, and for that I salute thee. The Irregars are, have been and will always be one of my favorite bands.

As some Los Angeles music enthusiasts are aware of, Zach Robinson held shows in his Sherman Oaks backhouse nicknamed Zaque Shack. From Dan Deacon to Zachella some of the best show experiences that I have had were in that shack. I celebrated my 18th birthday the night that Luke began to play drums for Anamanaguchi, I saw Bad Dudes the night I began writing for IHEARTCOMIX and I discovered full immersion into a world of sweat, elbows and keeping a mosh away from the pedals. FMLY gives the maddest props, we pour 40z on the curb and we smoke the fattest California blunts for the Zaque Shack. That being said, Zach sent out a message today that reminds us of the absence and gives hope for the future.

Well guys, the shack has officially been rented. It's been refurbished entirely and everything including the instruments, furniture, and the refrigerator with the year old sushi, has been removed. A new family has moved in and are now enjoying the space we once ruled.

The happiest times of my life were in that house, but as with everything in life, good things come to an end. I want to thank all the members of this group for being part of something that changed my life. I'll always treasure the times I had there, and I hope that the stuff that went down at the shack stays with you forever.

I guess I shouldn't be as dramatic as I am because in 4 years, I think the family is moving out and we get it back again...BUT STILL! The shack brought us all together and it really made those last years of high school incredible.

Again, thank you everyone.

Z-Rob Hearthrob

I'm marking 2013 on my iCalendar, so I guess I'll see you guys there. An awesome video of Dan Deacon playing "Big Big Big Big Big" at the Zaque Shack can be found at the top of this post. Below is a list of the musicians that have graced the floor of the Zaque Shack.

Dan Deacon, Anamanaguchi, Japandi, Totally Michael!!, Trash80, Bad Dudes, DJ Douggpound, Dracula Mountain, Nat Love, Nephews, HAIM, King Sparrow, Sweet America (Peter and Ary of Anamanaguchi)

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