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Monday, February 2, 2009

Cities vs Submarines For Free

I'm a big fan of Railcars and Aria's unique voice in the experimental electronic / art rock music scene - especially considering the Bay Area's love for that hardcore dance stuff. I'm also proud to say that Aria and his Railcar crew played with our pals, The Histories and Nephews, on two separate occasions a short while back which I found to be very fitting shows (not to mention his shared bills with Religious Girls, Captain Ahab, etc). To get to my point, Aria has leaked Railcars' EP, Cities vs Submarines, and is urging everyone to download it and tell their friends. Thanks, and we will!

Fun fact: CvS was recorded in the basement of Xiu Xiu frontman, Jamie Stewart, who also produced the EP. Railcars is working on The Cathedral With No Eyes with Stewart as well, an album that I'm certainly anticipating.

Railcars - Cities vs Submarines EP


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