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Sunday, February 1, 2009

New [Post-foetus]

"Will Wiesenfeld of [Post-Foetus] is a absolutely unrecognized genius. He creates the kind of music your soul plays right before you go to sleep and makes your heart swell up as you go on a journey you could have never imagined. Will Wiesenfeld has truly mastered his art and brings electronic music to the next stage." [FMLY, Sept 3]

What an awesome weekend for fans of [Post-foetus]. I hope that Friday night's show at the Knitting Factory was rad, so lets end our freedom with a brand new tune, "Douse." As usual with [Po-fo] tracks, "Douse" comes equipped with an ambiance that only Will's sweeping voice has the capacity to handle. This is the first [Post-foetus] track that we've heard since The Fabric release last year, but certainly not the only work that will has been up to - remember when we blogged about Geotic's Winter Loops EP late last year? Anyways, sit down with a nice cup of tea, enjoy the music and have a great rest of your night.

[Post-foetus] - Douse

Don't forget to catch [Post-foetus] at FMLY's night of Booty Shaking February 21. Daedelus, Intricate Machines and Free The Robots will also be in attendance. RSVP via fbook, here.

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