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Monday, February 2, 2009

Paper Route Animal Gangstaz

So sometimes it feels like The Hood Internet are reading my mind...but I can't be the only one. Combining my favorite mixtape of '08 with my favorite album of '09 (so far) brings us "Animals Collecting Money" - a mashup project combining Paper Route Gangstaz' "Bama Gettin Money" with Animal Collective's "Taste" and "My Girls." Long story short, it works and now we have an image and sound of my wet dreams.

ABX - Animals Collecting Money

If you haven't already I can not urge you enough to download PRGz' "Fear and Loathing In Hunts Vegas" mixtape. I've been listening to these guys since Talib Kweli was bigger than Kanye and with this FREE AKA PAY WHAT YOU WISH AKA THANK YOU RADIOHEAD debut mixtape comes the ultimate satisfaction of listening to maybe the most awesome hip-hop crew to be assembled this decade. In Alabama no less!
Download it here.

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