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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pep Rally Beats, Juiceboxxx Thunder Jam

Pep Rally is a group out of Brooklyn made up of two white girls rapping, but wait...they're hot! Not going down the sexy road of Lil Kim or witty road of Lady Sovereign, I'd call Pep Rally more of a southern-beat Cool Kids. Check out their photobooth-made video for "Squalieā€ above, it features the duo in a room with some guys rolling a joint - very hot stuff.


Speaking of white folk rap videos, Juiceboxxx just dropped the video for "Thunder Jam #5" on us. Definitely one of my fav boxxx jams, I'm feelin' the vid as well. Milwaukee basement party f'sho.

Fun Fact: Juice won't smoke weed before a show because he's worried about it negatively affecting his performance. But afterwards, he's fair game. And you won't find that ANYWHERE else online!

Juiceboxxx - Thunder Jam #5


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