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Friday, February 6, 2009

Wanna Blog?

FMLY is looking for music, film, fashion, mixtape and random spirit lovers to help out on the blog. If you have a driving passion and feel the need to express it to the world then send an email to with your name and a sample of your writing. There are no conditions, you do not need prior experience and you will not have to serve us digital coffee. You'll start by posting minimum once a week and then ideally, over time, each day. Location does not matter, just please be interested. In return you can drop the FMLY name for concerts on the condition that you post a review within 24hrs of the show. If you're interesting in recording shows, sound, lighting, making flyers or advertising at FMLY events then contact me at the email above as well. Or if you just want to talk...

Also, don't forget about the transition to the new website!


URB has exclusive Gorillaz demos. They sound great, peep here.

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